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Listen to Preview of S01, E03 with Leah K. Walsh

In this episode we’re joined by Leah K. Walsh. We discuss high sensitivity processing, how it relates to the neurodiversity movement at large, the issues with the pathology lens, and difficulty with language around expressing how people think and experience the world through their bodies.

Leah (she/her) works with people who are sensitive and neurodivergent with rooted respect and encouragement. She offers individual coaching sessions and a seasonal meet-up so that others can safely explore their story, embody their unique way of being in the world, and show up freely.




Stay tuned for the release of the full episode next month!



Season 01 Preview

We’ve just wrapped up post-production of season 01 and have begun producing season 02. 🎊

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come in the first season of Nicki’s Wonder List:



Stay tuned for the release of the first three episodes of season 01, which will be available starting September 14, 2022!

The remainder will be released monthly until the season concludes.