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Listen to Preview of S01 – E05 with Tad Fisher

Today we’re joined by Tad Fisher, who happens to be Nicki’s life partner.

Tad experiences nicotine dependence.

Join us as we discuss the complicated history and issues surrounding tobacco use, nicotine addiction, and e-cigarettes in American society and culture.

In this can’t-miss episode, Tad shares his story about nicotine dependence. Nicki and Tad talk about the culture of shame around nicotine dependence that enforces cycles of addiction, the nuances in the e-cigarette market and how it’s been co-opted by the tobacco industry, the relationship between the state and big tobacco, and how increasing access to harm reduction and resources help people reduce nicotine dependence and improve societal and individual health outcomes at large.



Stay tuned for the full episode to come out by November 14, 2022.

Listen to Preview of S01, E03 with Leah K. Walsh

In this episode we’re joined by Leah K. Walsh. We discuss high sensitivity processing, how it relates to the neurodiversity movement at large, the issues with the pathology lens, and difficulty with language around expressing how people think and experience the world through their bodies.

Leah (she/her) works with people who are sensitive and neurodivergent with rooted respect and encouragement. She offers individual coaching sessions and a seasonal meet-up so that others can safely explore their story, embody their unique way of being in the world, and show up freely.




Stay tuned for the release of the full episode next month!



Storefront now Live on!

The first season of Nicki’s Wonder List is still under production, and it’ll be released this summer. Stay tuned!

The Nicki’s Wonder List storefront on is now set up. By purchasing through this storefront, you’ll be supporting authors, independent booksellers, and this podcast. You can get to it here.

Feel free to bookmark this page as a go-to shop for buying books and more.

Stay Tuned for the Podcast

There are many things in the works here…

I’m working on my memoir manuscript as well as producing the first season of the podcast. I’m preparing to launch the show very soon. Please sign up for my email list below so you’ll be apprised when the show goes live.