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Storefront now Live on Bookshop.org!

The first season of Nicki’s Wonder List is still under production, and it’ll be released this summer. Stay tuned!

The Nicki’s Wonder List storefront on Bookshop.org is now set up. By purchasing through this storefront, you’ll be supporting authors, independent booksellers, and this podcast. You can get to it here.

Feel free to bookmark this page as a go-to shop for buying books and more.

Podcast Trailer Now Available

The podcast trailer, “Welcome to Nicki’s Wonder List” is now available!

Listen to the trailer through this blog post in your internet browser. You can also listen to it by finding Nicki’s Wonder List on your favorite podcast player.

For listening to the episode the podcast hosting service and to view the transcript, please click here.

Stay tuned for the release of Season 1.

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