Tobacco, Nicotine Addiction and E-cigarettes with Tad Fisher



Season 01, Episode 05


Today we’re joined by Tad Fisher, who happens to be Nicki’s life partner. 

Tad experiences nicotine addiction.

Join us as we discuss the complicated history and issues surrounding tobacco use, nicotine addiction, and e-cigarettes in American society and culture. 

In this can’t-miss episode, Tad shares his story about nicotine dependence. Nicki and Tad talk about the culture of shame around nicotine dependence that enforces cycles of addiction, the nuances in the e-cigarette market and how it’s been co-opted by the tobacco industry, the relationship between the state and big tobacco, and how increasing access to harm reduction and resources help people reduce nicotine dependence and improve societal and individual health outcomes at large. 

Mentions & Further Reading

The Cigarette by Sarah Milov

1493: Uncovering the New World that Columbus Created by Charles C. Mann


Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA)

Reclaiming Sacred Tobacco (documentary)

Jamestown (drama/show)

FDA’s top tobacco scientist takes job at Marlboro-maker Philip Morris” in Ars Technica



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