High Sensitivity Processing and the Neurodiversity Movement with Leah K. Walsh

“High Sensitivity Processing and the Neurodiversity Movement with Leah K. Walsh”

Season 01, Episode 03


In this episode we’re joined by Leah K. Walsh. We discuss high sensitivity processing, how it relates to the neurodiversity movement at large, the issues with the pathology lens, and difficulty with language around expressing how people think and experience the world through their bodies.

Leah (she/her) works with people who are sensitive and neurodivergent with rooted respect and encouragement. She offers individual coaching sessions and a seasonal meet-up so that others can safely explore their story, embody their unique way of being in the world, and show up freely. 

Nicki and Leah talk about the work of Dr. Elaine Aron and high sensitivity processing (HSP), going over some of the key points of the framework offered by this body of research. The conversation drifts into how this can be helpful for people who identify with this particular way of being as well as its limitations within the context of the neurodiversity movement. 


Mentions & Further Reading

Leah K. Walsh’s website


The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D

Neurodiversity Community Resource Page at leahkwalsh.com

“The highly sensitive brain: an fMRI study of sensory processing sensitivity and response to others’ emotions” in Brain Behavior 



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