Dyslexia, Education & the English Language with Emily O’Connor


“Dyslexia, Education and the English Language with Emily O’Connor”

Season 01, Episode 01


In this episode we’re joined by Emily O’Connor, M.A.T. In this conversation we discuss dyslexia, education, and study of the English language.

Emily is a dyslexic human whose greatest passion in life is supporting other dyslexic humans, especially children. In 2015 she launched her small business, Advantage Math Clinic, in Portland, Oregon. Emily spends her days studying math and words with kids and adults, and believes passionately that every dyslexic child deserves a guide who views their own study and understanding as ever evolving and expanding.

In this conversation, Nicki and Emily talk about dyslexia, neurodiversity, and education. Emily shares her experience as a dyslexic human navigating the K-12 education system as a student, as a student in higher education, and then pursuing a career path in education herself.  

Learning mathematics at the Making Math Real Institute and studying Structured Word Inquiry (SWI) has led to Emily’s life-changing empowerment and understanding of math, written language, and more. Emily shares the history of her unique and compelling educational publication series Truer Words: A resource for scholars, which supports learning more about English language words diachronically, synchronically, and through the lens of SWI. 


Mentions & Further Reading

Emily O’Connor, M.A.T. and Advantage Math Clinic

Truer Words Store


Pete Bowers and WordWorks Literacy Centre

Douglas Harper and the Online Etymology Dictionary 

David Berg, E.T. and the Making Math Real Institute

Sean McCormick’s interview of Emily O’Connor


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